Baranduin (baranduin) wrote in elfmoot2007,

A bit late and definitely not a sequential comment on the weekend, but I enjoyed myself so much and wanted to make a post about it.

I think the one thing I can definitely say is I didn't get to see enough of anyone -- whether old friends or new. This is why these things have to keep happening :-) But I enjoyed seeing everyone and, as always with these moots, am looking forward to the next one.

hanarobi: I can't believe we'd never met in person. Some folks are just plain comfortable to be around, and I cherish that. Plus you painted my toenails and came to visit me in the kitten room to catch your breath :-)

westmoon: Soooo happy to meet you, I've felt like there's been this sort of missing part when I read about your, alchemilla and trianne's adventures together. Now I can imagine things more completely!

alchemilla: I want to go to Niagara Falls with you. Or possibly just come and camp out by your poolside.

trianne: See above. With you.

ladysunrope: Argh, I did not get to talk to you nearly enough and it makes me gnash my teeth!

breon_briarwood: You are so much fun, and I was hypnotized by your hair.

[Unknown LJ tag]: Did beruscats and I tell you we want to pit you against lovethosehobbit? We think it would be fascinating. I'm still getting over your not having a German accent and long, involved stories about how/when you immigrated from Germany!

oscillatewildly: I remember you sitting in that chair Sunday evening and saying something quietly that made me shriek with laughter. I'm damned if I can remember what it is now.

golden_berry: It was a merry meeting even though short, wasn't it? Hope to do it again some time!

blackbird_song: So cool meeting you and talking fic and stuff. I did not get enough of that this time, and need to fix that next time!

kinkthatwinked: I was so sorry I didn't get up to the room to see your husband and your son! But so glad to meet you and share the Harry Potter discussion table with you Saturday night!

trueriver: Who deserves a medal for so kindly sharing my smelly room with me *and* having clean wipes on hand, since they were sorely needed. Fingers crossed to see you next year in York!

claudia603: UR a rough1en.

beruscats: Don't know what I would have done without you coming home. ♥

sophinisba: You are a trouper. You came downstairs to say goodbye to us in the early morning! *hugs*

vshendria: Almost got you to take those critters, didn't I?

lilithlotr: Wish I'd seen you more, but it was great just to be able to say hi!

tel: thank you so much for your help with the critters. It was such a comfort. And I was so impressed to be able to meet AZ Telcontar -- that's one of the very first fandom names I ever learned :-)

velvet: Thank you thank you thank you. You were a huge help and eased my mind so much.

harukameko: I think we all need to go off on a critter-free tropical vacation and just lie on the beach.

niphrandl: See above. I think we could have all used that after that weekend! *hugs*

addie71: I hope we weren't too much of a bother, the way we kept barging in on you in your robe and hair towel, but it made me laugh :-)

cat_luvs_guysx2: One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't manage to talk much to LJ people who were totally new to me. I hope we meet up again so we can fix that!

verangel: I really wanted to talk more to you and cat_luvs_guysx2 -- you both are so beautiful and I hope to see you again!

yellow: Definitely another person I didn't get to talk with much and I wish I had! I think we need another Chicago moot :-)

anatketani: You cracked me up. I hope you got a little sleep before having to go to work the next day!

I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, I blame hanarobi, who made a list of attendees and posted it in the comm a day or so before the event :-)

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