hanarobi (hanarobi) wrote in elfmoot2007,

Wing Development: Flames

Okay, so I am the last one to post their story, aren't I? *hangs head in shame, peeking around to see if in fact someone else has been slower*

And I have had the most awful time getting the damn thing to post. Turns out I forgot how to use LJ cuts properly and even had to have LSR come in and tell me how to do it. Yes, she is still laughing at me.

So...because I just can't endure the horror of figuring it all out again, I am merely linking from here to my LJ where the story is and the THREE beautiful photomanips that have been made for it. Thanks to velvet_rose and shoesparks for gracing my simple story with such incredible images.

Go here for the story: http://hanarobi.livejournal.com/110462.html?mode=reply

(and yes, ladysunrope says I'm cheating doing it this way)
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