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Fic Challenge

Only because I promised ladysunrope and everyone heard me do so.

TITLE: Waste Not, Want Not
PAIRING: Dom/Elijah

CHALLENGE WORDS: empty, agreeable, beautiful

Special thanks to verangel who allowed to use her words because I was too dead set against writing to get my own. :/

Fucking Empty.
Completely, totally, without a doubt, empty.

Elijah shakes the box one more time just for good measure. Yep. Still empty. In a desperate attempt, he tears apart the small cardboard box just in case one, foil-lined square still remains…somehow hidden in the small box. Empty. Utterly, truly empty.

Elijah furrows his brows in confusion. How can a box of condoms that he bought just last week be empty when he, himself, has not had sex in well over a fucking month? He looks up from the shredded pieces of the paper box and across the hallway to his roommate’s bedroom door. Closed bedroom door, that is.

Elijah is going to fucking kill him.

It has taken Elijah well over a month to just get a weekend off from work, and miracle of miracles to even find someone agreeable to some nightcap. And now…. His lazy, selfish, inconsiderate, and just downright rude roommate steals his last condom. Bastard!

Heedless of his nudity, Elijah marches himself across the hall and flings open his roommate’s door, only to find said roommate kneeling between the legs of a rather beautiful, older man.

“DOM! You fucking asshole!”

Dom looks up and flashes a rather cheeky grin towards Elijah.

“Not yet, but give me a few minutes and I will be.”

Elijah stomps over and stands at the side of the bed. His arms are crossed against his chest and his eyes are hard and glaring.

Dom, somewhat oblivious to his roommate’s state of being, merely shrugs.

“By all means, Elijah, please stay. You may actually learn a thing or two.”

Elijah ignores the comment, as well as, the shocked look upon the face of Dom’s partner. Instead, Elijah stretches out his arm and points a finger in the direction of Dom’s crotch.

“That’s mine, you fucker!”

Dom turns his head back to Elijah and blinks in confusion. “Beg your pardon?”

Elijah shakes his finger again. “That! Where did you get that?”

Dom raises one eyebrow at the question. “Umm… I was born with it?”

Elijah rolls his eyes. “No, you asshole. The condom. Where did you get that condom?”

Dom’s face gives away his guilt in spite of his verbal denial. “I-I.. well I’ve had it…. for awhile… ages in fact…. For emergencies… yeah.”

“Bullshit! You stole it from my drawer in the bathroom!”

“Noooo.. I wouldn’t…”

“Yes, you did, you lying bastard! In fact, you have stolen and used the whole damn box… all twelve of them… in one week no less!”

Dom squirms a bit. “Well, I may have borrowed one or two. It’s not like you were using any of them.”

Elijah is truly tempted to punch his smug, albeit correct, roommate right upside his lying head.

“Give it back.”

Dom stares at him. Elijah takes another step forward, putting him against the mattress.

“I said… Give it to me!”

Dom shakes his head. “Look, Lij, I will buy you a whole fucking case of them tomorrow, ok?”

Elijah holds out his hand. “Dom… I am warning you… Give. It .To. Me. NOW!”

Dom shakes his head again. “No! It’s on me and it ain’t coming off until I do! Sod off, Lij!”

The sudden slamming of the front door makes all three occupants of the room jump. Elijah’s face falls in realization, but quickly turns from disappointment to outright fury.

“You.. you…” he stutters as he jabs a finger right into Dom’s face.

Dom shrugs, “Looks like you won’t be needing it now anyway. Now then…if you will excuse me… I am busy with--”

Dom’s brush-off gets halted as Elijah’s hand reaches out and clamps down on Dom’s erection.

“Hoy! Elijah! Fucking hell, mate? Take it easy!”

Elijah glowers at Dom. “I said… It’s mine.”

“And I told you SOD THE FUCK OFF!”

The duo is so absorbed in their stare-down and face-off that neither one of them notices the absence of the third party until the front door slams again.

Elijah, still grasping Dom’s cock, smirks. “Looks like you aren’t needing it either.”

Dom frowns. He looks down at his slowly, waning erection still held firmly within Elijah’s grip.

“Yeah.. shame that.” He says thickly. “Horrible waste… and the last one as well.”

Elijah looks down and runs his fingers back and forth across the thin sheath of latex. “Yeah… it’s … it’s just terrible.”

They both watch in silence as Elijah’s fingers curl around Dom ‘s member, slowly working it until it once again fills the condom fully again.

When they both look up, an unspoken truce is born as arms embrace and mouths meet in a flurry of touches and kisses. Elijah breaks away just long enough to push Dom onto his back and climb atop him, straddling his hips.

“Dom? Lube?” Elijah gasps into Dom’s mouth.

Dom moans as Elijah begins to grind down upon him. “Pillow… under.. the pillow… fuck.. hurry… hurry..”

Elijah leans forward and fumbles for the bottle. He retrieves it and sits back, settling his bottom into a rather comfortable position. He easily flips open the top of the bottle and turns it over his open palm. He squeezes it once… twice… three times, only to have a small whoosh of air fill his hand.

Fucking Empty.
Completely, totally, without a doubt, empty.

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