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Chicago Elf Moot 2007's Journal
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Thursday, August 16th, 2007
10:46 pm
Hi everyone, I'm home at last. Sorry for not linking some of you through to the pictures I took during our trip from NYC to San Francisco (like I promised), but I decided to do a picture post in my own journal. It'll be up in a day or two. First I have laundry to square away. :(

Also, I have been looking at the various entries here concerning the fic challenge, and I can't wait to click and read, but that, too, has to wait a while longer.

This elfmoot in Chicago was a lot of fun - it was great to meet old friends (cat_luvs_guysx2 and verangel and yellow_oranges and the "Canadian Contingent" in particular - but not exclusively) and to make new ones (especially ladysunrope), and I'm sorry my participation was so limited. *hugs*

Thursday, August 9th, 2007
7:20 pm
A bit late and definitely not a sequential comment on the weekend, but I enjoyed myself so much and wanted to make a post about it.

I think the one thing I can definitely say is I didn't get to see enough of anyone -- whether old friends or new. This is why these things have to keep happening :-) But I enjoyed seeing everyone and, as always with these moots, am looking forward to the next one.

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Sunday, August 5th, 2007
12:52 pm
Wing Development: Flames
Okay, so I am the last one to post their story, aren't I? *hangs head in shame, peeking around to see if in fact someone else has been slower*

And I have had the most awful time getting the damn thing to post. Turns out I forgot how to use LJ cuts properly and even had to have LSR come in and tell me how to do it. Yes, she is still laughing at me.

So...because I just can't endure the horror of figuring it all out again, I am merely linking from here to my LJ where the story is and the THREE beautiful photomanips that have been made for it. Thanks to velvet_rose and shoesparks for gracing my simple story with such incredible images.

Go here for the story: http://hanarobi.livejournal.com/110462.html?mode=reply

(and yes, ladysunrope says I'm cheating doing it this way)
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
8:41 am
Attack Dog ( EW/SB EW/others implied. NC1 7)
This was the fic done for the writing challenge.I've never written anything like this before but if you have any suggestions about where you want this to go, if anywhere, or what else you want to read in this universe, feel free to let me know. Thanks for the companionship, fun and friendship at Chicago -it was something special for me to meet you and hang out.


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8:58 am
Hi, lovely ladies!

I just wanted to let you know that I wanted to post a few pics and I know there were a few people who didn't want their pics up in any way or fashion... I know that ladysunrope was one of those and also blackbird_song... Was there anyone else??? (Not that I have that many pics, mind you, and most of them are awful, lol) I know that sayhello has much better pics! :-)

I was soooooo glad to meet some of you for the first time, like verangel and Kitkat and ladysunrope and some on my flist that I got to meet for the first time like sayhello and b_briarwood and glad to see old and familiar faces, like Elfie and Toni and Tel and it was great to see my girlies and good friends again, too!! And of course getting to spend time with lorie945! What a great weekend! ♥ I want to thank again the lovely people who arranged and planned this and made it so easy for those of us who just had to show up!
Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
10:09 pm
Correcting Misperceptions
LSR and I have arrived at my home about three hours ago and are going to spend the tomorrow recovering from our drive. More on that in the next post. Just wanted to let everyone know that we finally made it home.

But I do want to say something very important here about the wonderful Moot and I need everyone to pay close attention. Many of you have been very gracious and have thanked me profusely for doing the Moot. Please be aware that I did NOT do the Moot. alchemilla took the lead and set up the community and dealt with all the issues in setting out the rules and regulations and procedures. She also dealt with the confusions and ruffled feathers at the very beginning. I was off with my head in the sand dealing with a stressful semester and didn't help her out at all. Also, lorie945 did most of the research in finding us our hotel. The decision was made primarily by her and alchemilla. So we have the two of them to thank for finding us such a beautiful, pet-accommodating, centrally located place for all of us.

The fic challenge was the idea of ladysunrope and all the work of coming up with the words was done by anatketani. I was just the loud voice telling everyone the rules.

All I really did was organize the two dinners and I did that once school was out and I had some free time. That just involved phone calls and some planning.

I did pay for the suite we all got to hang out in, but ladysunrope is helping me pay for a significant part of it (which is wonderfully generous of her and I am grateful) and a couple of others of you have offered to help out. For those of you who have asked if you can help out with the cost, the answer is yes, of course, but only if you want to and only if you can afford it without being in a pinch. I would love to have the cost defrayed a bit, but I also know that everyone had to manage to get there via plane or car, and that everyone had their rooms to pay for. For me, the important thing was to have all of you around me and I loved that.

The point of this post is to make sure that everyone knows that I had only a part to play in the whole bringing it all together. I was loud and bossy and told everyone where to go and when to be there, but I certainly didn't organize it or pay for all of it by my self. So my thanks to all of the rest of you who did so much to make the three days as wonderful as they were.

So to all of you who have thanked me, I say to you that you are most welcome. It was a pleasure and a joy. But please thank all the others who helped so much to make it happen.

Smoochies to all of you.
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
11:30 am
fic challenge
Here is my drabble from the challenge.

Title: Out of Breath
Fandom: LotR
Starring: Merry
Rating: G
Notes: My words were embarrassed, crooked, breakable.

Out of BreathCollapse )
12:42 pm
Hello everyone! It was a pleasure to share time with you all and meet so many lovely people. Special thanks to hanarobi for inviting us all gather in her suite! Here's my fic from the challenge:

FANDOM: Mary Renault The Charioteer
PAIRING: Ralph/Laurie
NOTES: 1950s, though there appears to be some kind of time shift *coughs*

A formidable assortment of women had gathered in the Chicago hotel lobby. Laurie was becoming accustomed to the relaxed and uninhibited ways of Americans after two weeks travelling with Ralph. However, he felt an uncomfortable tingling at the back of his neck from the too-perceptive and frankly appraising glances of these women. In England, he usually experienced motherly concern from women, and discomfited, his cheeks flushed.

Laurie's eyes slid across to Ralph ordering drinks at the bar, resentfully, because Ralph appeared to be giving charming attention, more than was necessary, to the young man serving. Laurie glanced at the line of Ralph's travelling suit, still unwrinkled, and at Ralph himself, looking cool and neat. He, on the other hand, felt dusty and travel grimed, and had contrived to catch some kind of steaming tropical cold, which had left his voice raspy.

"Thanks, Ralph," he husked, accepting the tall drink which clinked and sparkled invitingly, reminding him of the inevitable effect and aftermath of a few of Ralph's specials.

Their hands touched for a fraction longer than was necessary. Laurie's voice disappeared entirely as Ralph sat beside him, just brushing his thigh.

Laurie forgot the women, the heat, his cold, and turned to Ralph. At least he could whisper.

"Let's take it to bed, Ralph."

For once the disobedient voice decided to exercise its full vocal range. A sudden silence in the bar attracted the attention of every one of the women, their eyes on Laurie, blushing to the roots of his hair, and on the amused crinkling of Ralph's eyes and his acknowledging smile.
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
8:18 pm
Just a very quick note for anyone who is interested, I plan on continuing my fic from the challenge, and I just posted the second part on my LJ, anatketani

I miss everyone already!
Amy :)

Current Mood: calm
8:09 pm
I am giving you all fair warning that I am friending all of you! MWAHAHAHAHAHA
4:33 pm
4:56 pm
ELFmoot 2007 Word Challenge Fic
PAIRING: Frodo/Sam
Writing Challenge words: difficult, frail, dull

[with reference to 'The Sea Bell {Frodo's Dreme}' by JRR Tolkien]


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Current Mood: content
4:08 pm
Okay, here's my fic from the writing challenge. No title as of yet.

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Daniel/Surprise
Rating: NC-17
Season: anywhere from 3rd to 8th
Spoilers: "Forever in a Day," 3rd season
Notes: My words were 'voiceless,' 'hot' and 'tense.' Also, I totally made up the Goa'uld phrase used here.

4:27 pm
Fic Challenge
Only because I promised ladysunrope and everyone heard me do so.

TITLE: Waste Not, Want Not
PAIRING: Dom/Elijah

CHALLENGE WORDS: empty, agreeable, beautiful

Special thanks to verangel who allowed to use her words because I was too dead set against writing to get my own. :/

Fic ChallengeCollapse )

Current Mood: refreshed
12:49 pm
10:39 am
Still on the Journey home
ladysunrope and I are visiting with my sister who lives very far north of Chicago. We will take off Wednesday morning and start our road trip back to Wyoming. Should get back there early Thursday evening.

It was a wonderful time with all you lovely lovely people. Miss you all to bits.

It's good to hear the reports that everyone (kittens included) are making it home safely.
9:15 am

Hi, everyone!

We made it home fine.  Husband and baby have already plunged headfirst back into Real Life, going back to work and daycare.  I'm spending one extra day at home, because someone has to clean and unpack.

They did enjoy meeting you guys.  My husband was a little overwhelmed, but in good spirits.  And the baby was all over the place, as some of you well remember.  As for me, I was wiped during the trip back home; I spent most of yesterday napping.

I had an incredible time.  Huge thanks to hanarobi, for understanding that sometimes fangirls should get together just for the hell of it.  It may not be a convention peppered with celebrities, but it's still good for the soul.  It was definitely good for me - I'm on LJ again!

Speaking of which, I should probably post my fic challenge story (another great thing - I'm WRITING again!!)  I'll do that later today.

I didn't quite realize how much of an impact LJ has had on me until I actually saw ladysunrope, one of the very first people I met, and it was like spotting my favorite cousin at a family reunion.  The next thing I knew I was hugging hanarobiand being told anatketani and oscillatewildly were on their way.  I had to stare for a moment before I recognizedvshendria, and even saw some familiar faces from the ORC 2005 con.

It hit me how much has changed in terms of feeling isolated.  Ever since that fateful Fellowslash, I've met and associated with all kinds of kindred spirits, through LJ, slash websites, and that one fantabulous - if poorly executed - convention.  Those memories stuck with me even as 2 a.m. feedings threatened to overwhelm my ability to think, much less post.

Thanks to all of you, for showing me yet again what a cool little coven of friends I have.  These bonds are as real and valid as any association I may have with someone I see in the flesh every day, and anybody who has doubts about that should have seen the way you guys went all out for lorie945.  These bonds are even stronger, perhaps, because slash is a part of my life I can't freely share with everyone; you guys probably know me better than most just based on that.  Just as my mom is still Mom even though she's in Chicago and 95% of our communication is over the phone, you guys aren't "internet friends," you're friends, period.

Thanks for reminding me.

Current Mood: grateful
Monday, July 30th, 2007
9:27 pm
I have made it home safe & sound. Not a bad trip, the train to Midway went totally smoothly, was at the gate before 3:30 for a 5:00 flight!

I'll have a more coherent post, and piccies, some time tomorrow.

Thanks, all! It was a wonderful weekend.

5:01 pm
Kittens arrived. Safe in Seattle at the vet, lots of tests to be done. *fingers crossed*

I on the other hand am completely brain dead and will provide details later on when I'm a little more functional!

Tonks walking around vet's examining room quite lively for her and grooming herself. Didn't poop on plane.
6:09 pm
And I'm exhausted, happy for having met such wonderful people, and very, very annoyed with myself for various reasons which I shall most likely ponder in a later post on my own journal.

Thank you to all of the incredibly lovely people I met at Elfmoot! It was a real privilege to spend time with each one of you, however short or long a time it may have been. You were all far more gracious than I deserved, and I thank you for such a wonderful time, and for welcoming my husband the way that you did. It meant a very great deal to us both. May you all have safe and pleasant journeys home, and I hope that we may meet again.

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